How to attack in FIFA 16

In previous tutorial I’ve talked about how to defend in FIFA 16; now it’s time to see the important keys for attacking starting from passing, corners and shooting, to skills, long shots; and of course not the last the possession game.

This tutorial will teach you how to score more often goals also to combat all situations.


Let’s start with first tips about passing.

Passing for “glory”

Like I said in defending tutorial, the key to success in FIFA 16 is passing as much as you can between midfielders with 1-2 pass; and when you have the opportunity to make a through pass to the forwards you will remain alone with the GK for sure.
In this game if you can keep the ball in the last 30 yards with passing around the opponent defenders always will appear gaps in his defence and you will score easily.


In my opinion, corners are the most random tip to score a goal because it depends how much power you will give to player who will make the cross, also the position of the striker is really important and have to be perfectly. So, a good combination for getting more chances to score a goal from the corner kick; is to make a short corner and after that you can make a cross or you can try to go in the penalty box with a Roll-Ball trick or Fake-Shot.


For shooting tips you will have to be in the perfect position and the power of your “bullet” is also important. Knowing when to shoot can make all the difference for example shooting from the corner flag is a waste for sure. If you see an angle that you like don’t be afraid to shoot anymore. Another trick for scoring often goals is to remember that every player is different and training with them in practice arena to see how to shoot, not too far, too little will improve your style so much. There are of course, many different types of shots and button variations that work better than others and we’ll talk about them in the next articles.

Keep the possession

Also for attacking you will have to maintain the ball holding LT for PlayStation and L2 for Xbox One to protect the ball, making runs with your midfielders-strikers in the wide area and not push this button will make you lose the ball immediately.

There are a lot of ways to attack in FIFA 16 and I will talk about them in the next articles.
Stay tuned for new updates!

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