fifa tips

Fifa tips from Vasi

Fifa tips from Vasi

Psychological aspects:
• Mentaining the ball in my opinion is a key to succes in Fifa. Trying to score a goal and after claim the ball in opponent half is not so easy. For this one you need to pass between wings as much as you can; because the opponent will try to came with 2-3 players to recover the ball.
• When you score the first goal, you have released the pressure and starting from that moment will be easily to attack/defence as well.
• In my situation, when I play in some importants events, every time I play with music, because it makes me more efficent in game and of course I try to keep the ball as much as I can and building my attacks as good as possible.

Building from the back:
• Without a strategy for building play from the back you won’t be able to climb up in success ladder in FIFA. For example I use a defence strategy 4-1-2-1-2 or 4-2-3-1 and as tactics I use
Counter-Attack and sometimes High-Pressure.
• When your opponent is aggressive and makes a high pressure in your half you will need to pass “faster and precisely”, because when you will pass like this the opponent will have less time to react at your passes than usual.

How to play vs better teams (FUT or Real Madrid on seasons) and or better players:

• This year on FUT I didn’t played so much because of the events I was in, but what can I say It’s like in normal FIFA; you need make your game based on a solid strategy and of course don’t say from the start phrases like”He is better, I can’t beat him”, or “Ohhh, he have Ronaldo” and so on. Most of all when they play a game versus a lower team they think from the start that they are the winner but it’s not like this. About passing style you will need to be more creatively then normal version because you won’t have so great players

Which are the most effective passing style and why:
• When I create my attack I like to use L1 1-2 passes because you will go with all players in opponents half and of course you will have superiority. Sometimes I use too long passes but this kind of passes are powerfull when you catch the opponent in a counter-attack. Also L1 and long pass are good too when you lead and the opponent is in a ultra offensive mode, you will remain really free with this pass.

Tournament tips:
• Play your own game
• Every time at events I use music
• Trying to be focus 100% until the last whistle