Best formations in FIFA 16

It’s been a while since I didn’t posted on my blog; so I’ve decided to tell some “secrets” about a top 3 of the best formation in FIFA 16.

Also tonight I will stream FIFA 16 (PC) MA-Open Cup-Series March – #10, only 2 open cups qualifier remain for the March Finale Cup. At the moment I’m on 20th place with 70 points; but I’m confident that in this two cups I will get the required points to qualify in top 16.

I will start streaming around 18:30 CET, Vasi on Twitch.

So let’s start with the best formations in FIFA 16:

#3 – 4231

You will find this formation in FIFA 16 like 4-5-1, a favourite of many FIFA players; with 2 strong midfielders and I think it’s the most balanced defensive-attack formation; It is the easiest one to counter any other formation if you set “Organised” option in chance creation section; but it takes time to master the mechanics of this one.

Advantages: You can use long balls with powerful effect also you can easily make the transition from defence to attack

Disadvantages: It needs a really good player to play as a CAM because will be the key role from CDMs to STs

#2 – 433 (4)

This formation it’s used by the players who likes to play fast in attack but will need two strong players as wingers with really good stamina because will have to use them in both, defense and attack. If you want to play this formation, my choose will be definitely Bayern Munich.

Advantages: CAM can link the two strikers playing 1-2s to slice through defences and also CDM has a powerful role in defense

Disadvantages: It’s easy to guess that the most attacks will be down to middle, CMs are extremely important because you will need to manually bring them back on defense to jockey the player with the ball and intercept passes by reading passing

#1 – 41212 (2)


It’s my favourite formation in FIFA 16, you can make “tiki-taka” Barcelona style; with the wingers-cam-st and if you set custom tactics to Freeform chance creation you will be able to move your CAM into the best positions to score.

Advantages: Passing in FIFA 16 is tougher and with the interceptions being buffed, people have struggled to adapt. The 4-1-2-1-2-Diamond is a great formation for monopolizing possession and quick successive passing; the diamond midfield is the greatest strength of the formation.

Disadvantages: You will have some problems if you play against a 4-2-3-1 because he will used a lot the wingers to get into the penalty and you have to set the CDM and both CMs – Stay back while attacking

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