champions league

Summary of Champions League Quarters!

This week was the second leg of the quarters final in Champions League and Europe League.

Against Wolfsburg on tuesday evening in Uefa Champions League, Real Madrid made “La Remontada“; what is normal to happen in my opinion.All’s Well That Ends Well”. But who believes that success as a high-performance; I think is the wrong way even if they advanced to the semi-finals; it had many moments of poor play and flat.


The other duel of the 1.6 billion euros spent on transfers, was finished with absolutely deserved success of Manchester City.

It’s still a surprise that PSG failed again this to pass this barrier of the Champions League “quarters”.

It seemed the season where Parisians had found the necessary consistency; in order to achieve something more in this competition, starting from the group very well build. Manchester City managed what few anticipated. In a delicate period, with much uncertainty regarding the future of many components of the lot, Manuel Pellegrini managed to pull a performance that added to his resume, also where we find semifinals with Villarreal and “quarter” with Malaga.


About this duel Atletico vs Barcelona, which held on wednesday, there are a lot to say and write less. It’s like trying to do analysis on a remake of a film known. It would be easy, the script is the same, including the director is the same, the actors are generally the same, there have been many new faces, but not starring, the end is the same with the victory for Atletico Madrid.



Bayern goes into the semifinals after a tough matches against Benfica. Guardiola, has the 7th consecutive semifinal in the 7 years of coaching in a high-level performance with which very few can boast. It was a parade for Bayern against the Portuguese team, even the tour of the “Allianz Arena” Bavarians had trembled seriously, but the German champions advanced to the semifinal too. I think in semifinals Pep would like to avoid the draw against Atletico Madrid.