Snowball eSports Agency Partnership and Go4FIFA Cups

Recently, I managed to sign a partnership with one of the first Full-Service eSports Agencies.

Snowball eSports Talents Agency – One of the first Full-Service Agencies with a full focus on Gaming and eSports!

Who is Snowball eSports Agency ?

We are a global eSport Marketing and we represent the Best eSport Talent in their field.

What Snowball eSports Agency do ?

Connect eSport Athletes to brands and fans through passion-based marketing. You have surely heard these last months about professional sports clubs (like soccer, NBA, NFL, etc.) that have invested in eSports structures or pro gamers. This is not a coincidence because this new economic sector is in full expansion and becomes over time a real support of communication. To reach a new audience, to sell new products, to engage with a young and loyal community.

Snowball Agency E-Sport Talents

  • Julian ‘Twikii‘ Albiar Fernandez – Professional FIFA PLAYER for Standard De Liège and Triple Belgium Champion, among the top 100 European FIFA players.
    FIFA 17 PC

  • Andrei George ‘Vasi‘ Vasiliev – European Country Championship Winner. One of the best Romanian players, among the top 100 European FIFA players.
    esports agency

Stay tuned for Sunday, 09.07.2017 starting with 13:00 CET, I will stream my matches on my channel, from Go4FIFA (PC) Europe Cup #41 and Go4FIFA (PS4) Europe Cup #24.

What is Go4FIFA?

The Go4FIFA Cup Series has one cup on each week.  You can earn points to qualify for the Monthly Final. On every Sunday players, who win at least one match, will receive points and the winner will receive an additional 50 EUR prize money.

What is Monthly Finals ?

The Monthly Final will take place at the beginning of each month. Final will consist of eight players who gathered the most points during the weekly cups. They will compete for a total prize money of 250 EUR.

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