fifa 16 tournaments

New Team, New Beginnings

After two months of inactivity on blog, I start a new year with a lot of wishes and some changes in my professional gaming career and of course for FIFA 16 tournaments.

Being part of Team ALTERNATE for more than 4 years with some major achievements like:


  • 3rd Grand Gaming Series Romania
  • 1st GO4 Monthly Final FIFA December


  • 2nd place at East European Comic Con Romania 2014
  • 1st Game Room Galati Challenge You 2014
  • 1st Galati Fifa 14 Lan 2014;


  • 2nd Puma Cup Lan Bucharest
  • 4th WCG Qualification Romania 2013
  • 4th Computer Sport Games LAN Poland
  • 3th CSGAMES 2013 Poland

The relaunch and the new orientation of Team ALTERNATE in E-Sport segment was to closed the FIFA section and to focus on other games. I want to thanks to Team ALTERNATE and their sponsors for these great years and wish them good luck in future. After some hard weeks of searching for a new orga I signed with Playing Ducks Team.


I’m so happy to have in my team two of the best german players Antonino „dawnsson“ Sammarco and Sascha “princeboa” Tolbert also as a manager one of my good friend, Torben “Eraser” Malchow.
In the next weeks I will play Gfinity PS4 cups, Matcharena PC and PS4 cups and also ESL GO4 FIFA PC and PS4 cups. Also I will make a scheduler of twitch streaming, you can find more details at Vasi on Twitch.
Stay tuned for the next posts about some tips and tutorials in FIFA 16! #playingducks #‎ducksflytogether‬