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Bloggers Arena Galati #3

What is Bloggers Arena Galati ?

Bloggers Arena Galati is a big trend in Galati and each edition gather around more gamers and people of the internet with one goal, fun through gaming. This year, Bloggers Arena Galati has reached it’s third edition and it was the best one so far.

What was so special for the #BAG 3?

Bloggers Arena
All participants from #BAG3  were divided into 3 teams:
Team Crow (black), Team Snow (white) and last but not the least Team Titan (red). Each member of team was involved in 1-2 games and gathering points for the team.
You can find down below the points distributed per every game:

Bloggers Arena

What games were at this edition of #BAG3 ?

Each team had to choose their players for the following games: Fifa17 2vs2, CS: GO 5vs5, Guitar Hero and Activity competitions. In addition to these, free play was played on Vrajba Pixelilor (game made by Ion) and Exploding Kittens.

Bloggers Arena

Bloggers Arena

Bloggers Arena

Bloggers Arena

What team has won #BAG3 ?

Every blogger who participated gained both, experience for the next chapter of #BAG and  a relaxing time.
At the end of the day, the Snow team won, followed by Titan team and Crow team.  I think everyone has been having fun  and I’m looking forward to the next edition.

To whom we would like to thank for this edition of Bloggers Arena Galati ?

We would like to special thanks the following:

  • Beer factory MARTENS SA in Galati 
    They supplied us with cold beer, Hora Unirii, a good taste and I highly recommand.  It was for the first time when I drink Hora Unirii and for sure won’t be the last time!

  • Burger House Galați for the tasty lunch offered. Burgers was delicious and was the perfect combination with in Hora Unirii’s beer.

  • Max Fitness after a mix of beers plus burgers, we have to make some exercises and they have provided us free spinning, body pump sessions.
  • AdQuest for the support provided in organizing the event.

Thanks to Vlad Mototolea, Picture Perfect and Marian Puțirac  because they  have captured many funny moments during the day. Don’t forget to check their Facebook page and Instagram for more pictures and other stuff!

See you next time!

#BAG4 incoming!


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