Live from Chicago – FIFA 18 Gameplay and Features

Don’t miss Fifa Ultimate Team LIVE from Chicago (Twitch and Youtube channels) on August 1 starting with 7:15 PM CEST / 12:15 PM CDT.

All Icons players will be revealed at this “Live From Chicago”; likewise we will get some important informations about gameplay, maybe new features and more!
Personally, I expect from this conference the following:

  • Hopefully EA Sports will fix the major problems in Fifa Ultimate Team ( starting with delay and gameplay in Weekend Leagues)
  • To bring back 2 vs 2 mode in Online Team Play
  • FIFA 18 The Journey walkthrough to be much longer thant FIFA 17
  • Fixing the connection problems beetween players in Head-to-Head / Online Friendlies
  • More features for Career Mode

Season two of The Journey will have new characters and stories like “build above the foundation created with the story of the current game.” The first season of The Journey followed the young player Alex Hunter in his first season in the Premier League.

LiveConsidering how the first season of The Journey is over; for sure is a good chance that Hunter will appear in part two, although Andrew Wilson did not mention this.

EA Sports also announced that FIFA 17 was the most sold console game in 2016; and is about to become the most sold FIFA game in history.

In the previous article I was talking about Icons players, and today is time to reveal a new one, maybe one of the greatest players of Arsenal Londra and a top player of the world.


Thierry Daniel Henry (born 17 August 1977) is a retired French professional footballer who played as a forward, and the current second assistant manager of the Belgium national team.

He played for Monaco, Juventus, Barcelona, New York Red Bulls;  he spent eight years at Arsenal where he is the club’s all-time record goalscorer. At international level he represented France and is his country’s record goalscorer.