FIWC FIFA 18 PS4, eSports Clubs and Gameplay Features #3

What will happen in FIFA 18 with FIWC?

Let’s start with the next biggest FIFA event of the season, FIWC Road to London 2017 which will be held at the end of August.
To be part of this major event in FIFA you had to go through a series of online and offline qualifications and gain access to the 32 seats for London Grand Final.


The full breakdown of qualification seats for the FIWC17 Grand Final is as follows:

Ten players from the FIWC Regional Qualifier Europe (5 PlayStation, 5 Xbox)
Eight players from the FIWC Regional Qualifier America (4 PlayStation, 4 Xbox)
Four players from the FIWC Regional Qualifier Rest Of World (2 PlayStation, 2 Xbox)
Eight players from the Ultimate Team Championship Series (4 PlayStation, 4 Xbox)
Two players from the FIFA Interactive Club World Cup (1 PlayStation, 1 Xbox)

FIWC17 winner will receive $200,000 (USD) along with a trip to The Best FIFA Football Awards™ 2016, while the runner-up will take home S100,000.

Regarding FIFA 18, EA Sports announced they will make some changes involving the eSports club players and also more seats for the grand final!

What eSports players have already signed up with a football club ?

Wolfsburg signed two FIFA players in 2015, football clubs around the world have invested in eSports. Paris Saint-Germain and Schalke have League of Legends team, West Ham’s number 50 is a FIFA player, while FC Copenhagen own a Counter-Strike team.

Paris Saint-Germain


Paris Saint-Germain launched PSG eSports in October 2016. They signed two FIFA players – Red Bull athlete August ‘Agge’ Rosenmeier and Lucas ‘DaXe’ Cuillerier.



Schalke another big team in Europe, signed two FIFA players; six-time German and Austrian champion Mario Viska and Berliner Cihan Yasarlar. They also have Tim ‘Tim Latka’ Schwartmann and Joshua ‘Krone’ Begehr on their roster.

West Ham


West Ham became the first British team to get involved in eSports. They signed FIFA Interactive World Cup runner-up Sean ‘Dragonn’ Allen.

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