FIFA 18: Release date, Official information, News and Rumors #1

FIFA 18 is approaching to release date!

Many of us are already thinking about this game; although FIFA 17 offers us just what we want from a European Football simulator. In this article you will find the gameplay trailer of the new FIFA 18, news and other rumors.

Among these details is the story behind the game. A very interesting story inspired first of all by Cristiano Ronaldo‘s life.
As you well know FIFA is one of the most popular and most played games of all time.

Even young children have discovered this series through public gaming halls; while we can ruin a keyboard or a mouse on your home PC. So let’s come back, FIFA 18  has a story that connects you sentimental with the game, a story that you will definitely want to get to the end.

Who is Alex Hunter ?

The main character in the new game of EA Sports is a footballer named Alex Hunter, the subtitle of the new series being “The Journey: Alex Hunter Returns“. What will you have to do? Well, at the start of “career,” Alex Hunter is just an anonymous footballer; you will have to raise him and make him worth millions.

After you bring him to the rank of star, you will have to make certain decisions that will change his “life” of footballer for good or for bad. It’s a game that will surely attract users. FIFA 18 will also be available on the Nintendo Switch console, called EA Sports FIFA, so you do not have to miss it.

Hunter’s story is inspired by this year’s game model, Cristiano Ronaldo. In addition, gameplay is also an excellent one, an extra reason to enjoy FIFA 18 as it encompasses. The lesser part here is that the game will only be released on September 29 this year. We willl have some time to wait. Anyway, I guarantee that it’s worth the wait.

Gameplay Trailer

Stay tuned for the FIFA 18 #2 Article where we will discuss about: FIFA 18 (FUT, FIFA 18 Career Mode, All Ligues, Settings and special stuff)!