FIFA 18 PS4: FUT Mode, Career and Settings #2

FIFA 18 PS4: FUT Mode

FIFA 18 PS4: will surely have the FUT mode (FIFA Ultimate Team ), this way helps EA Sports create a lot of income from the game but also give players a new perspective, in addition to the classic one.

Certainly for FifaUltimate Team, EA Sports still have to work, last year was a hack that allowed to make players stronger, etc. So, this year we were expecting a better optimized for Ultimate Team.

FIFA 18 PS4 will have players legends for the first time in FIFA series – FUT mode after Sony‘s deal with EA Sports . Besides the usual FIFA legends such as: Maldini, Van Basten, Hagi, Figo etc. EA Sports will include 5 new legends for FIFA 18: Henry, Ronaldo, Maradona, Pele and Lev Yashin.

FIFA 18 PS4: Career Mode

FIFA 18 PS4Since 3 years ago, this mode has started to decline in fans popularity, but EA Sports claims that this mode is a basic one for the FIFA series. Maybe it is, but the players say something else. I’m expecting this mode to be still in FIFA 18, but with less influnce for users. All we can do is to wait until 29 September.

FIFA 18 PS4: Controller Settings


FIFA 18 controller settings will be the same as FIFA 17 with some small changes in my opinion, but for sure we will see this changes in full version.  In demo version which will be released two weeks before the full game won’t have all settings so we can’t predict what will have as a new settings.

Which teams we will find in the demo version ?

EA have been showing off at their preview events, you’ll be able to play as a number of teams including Manchester United, Manchester City, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Chelsea, PSG and Juventus.

Here’s the full line up:

  • Manchester City
  • Manchester United
  • Chelsea
  • Real Madrid
  • Atletico Madrid
  • Juventus
  • Bayern Munich
  • PSG
  • LA Galaxy
  • Toronto FC

In next article we will discuss about ratings of players, FIWC competition and all clubs involved in eSports!

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