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Qualified for Go4FIFA (PC) February 2017 Finals

Yesterday, I’ve managed to finish in top 8 of last Go4FIFA (PC) qualifier and get a spot in the Go4FIFA (PC) February 2017 Finals Esports games. To get qualification for the March Finals I needed at least 20 points (RO16 – minimum).
After four qualifiers cups I made a total of 100 points and I’ve secured my place in the final.

You can see my results from last cup below:

Round 1: Def win
Round 2: vs ROKI (Poland) 1-0 WIN
Round 3: vs AnCoR (Spain) 4-1 WIN
RO 16: xlapantera (Germany) 3-2 WIN
Quarter-Finals: Szani (Hungary) 1-4 LOSE

All players qualified for Go4FIFA (PC) February 2017 Finals:

1st. dorukhanilhan10 (Turkey) – 235 points
2nd. EYES_Castell (Russia) – 180 points
3rd. Dzaga (Germany) – 160 points
4th. ReDw1nG (Hungary) – 123 points
5th. chrissi291 (Germany) – 120 points
6th. EYESPORTS.Antoxa (Russia) – 113 points
7th. Vasi (Romania) – 100 points
8th. Szani (Hungary) – 90 points

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The prize money distribution is 250 EUR:

1st place – 150 EUR
2nd place – 100 EUR

Next weekend, will be another Bloggers Lan Party in Bucharest, with new challenges and a large variety of games (boarding games, console games etc). The registration for this event is quite simple:

1st – If you have a blog or an website you can register by complete this form
2nd – If you don’t have a blog or an website you can get register to ONE of these bloggers and you will get an email if you was selected

Game ON!

Stay tuned for the upcoming articles about esports games and drop a comment with FIFA 17 tutorials you would like to see!

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