Qualified for Go4FIFA June Monthly Final and ESL Premium Cups

Last Sunday, I’ve managed to get the qualification in Go4 FIFA 17 (PC) June 2017 Finals.

After four Go4 FIFA17 qualifiers cups I made a total of 108 points and I’ve secured my 5th place.
Full list of qualified players for this final:

  1. Poiatz ?? – 175 points
  2. peterek2010 ?? – 153 points
  3. MariussX ?? – 140 points
  4. Melanzan ?? – 125 points
  5. Vasi ?? – 108 points
  6. chrissi291 ?? – 106 points
  7. OwnBazz ?? – 103 points
  8. ROX.Tiko91 ?? – 100 points

The Go4FIFA (PC) June 2017 Finals will start Monday, 10th July 2017 – 19:00 CET and will be my fourth final played this year and the second consecutive.

The prize money distribution is 250 EUR:

1st place – 150 EUR
2nd place – 100 EUR

All matches from the final will be stream on Twitch.tv/Vasiandrei91 channel.

What is the ESL Premium Cup Series?

Every month ESL have cups in chosen games, which are exclusive for Premium members.  Therefore, every Premium Cup has also prize money.
Who can participate? All Premium members are allowed as long as they are allowed to compete in the game.

Become a Premium member and play in the tournaments!

It only takes a few minutes until you are a Premium member. Choose the offer, that fits you best.

Last week, I was playing in  PREMIUM ONLY FIFA 17 (PC) 1on1 Swiss Cup #6 Europe.

Prize pool for this Premium Cups was 100 EUR and unfortunately I’ve finished on 3rd place with the same points as the first place.

What means Swiss System ?

Swiss Cups are a form of Swiss-system tournament. In each round, contestants are paired up against a contestant with the same win-loss record. If there are an odd number of contestants with the same win-loss record, a contestant will be randomly paired against a random contestant from the next best win-loss record. If there are an odd number of contestants remaining overall, a random contestant with the worst win-loss record will receive a default win.

Except in the first round, seedings may be used to pair high vs low, and the highest seed would receive a default win.

You can find down below all my results and rankings:

  1. First round against M3SLIN ?? 4-0 WIN
  2. Second round against ReDw1nG ?? 1-0 WIN
  3. Third round against wAshi ?? 2-1 WIN
  4. Fourth round against chrissi291 ?? 1-0 WIN
  5. Fifth round against chrissi291 ?? 3-2 LOSE