Upcoming Fifa 16 Tournaments on PlayStation4 and PC

Less than one week until FIFA 16 will be released. If last year I was playing only FIFA 15 PC version and just in offline tournaments I have played on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, this year I will play on both version PC and PlayStation 4.
The most important tournament which will be held on PlayStation 4 in the first period of FIFA 16 will be Fifa Interactive World Cup qualifications from October-December. Also in the same period Gfinity FIFA Spring Masters will have qualifiers on the PlayStation 4 as well.
Likewise on PC version will have some good online tournaments at the start and like last year will have Go4FIFA Europe Cup every week on Sunday.
From October I will start streaming again on PC and PS4, you can acces my stream ALTERNATEVasi Twitch.
Watch my last game on PlayStation 4, playing for 10$ on WorldGaming. Enjoy!