FIFA 16 Review

FIFA 16 Review

Not much time left until coming FIFA 16 (September 22, 2015), so I’ve decided to make a short FIFA 16 review with first impressions.

Confidence in Defending

  • Over 25 gameplay changes made to Defensive Agility
  • Improved player tracking and marking.
  • Faster animation recovery when you miss a tackle.
  • Re-balancing of sprint and acceleration curves. (reduced)
  • Retuning of jockeying to provide smoother less jerky transitions.


Defend As A Unit

  • Players will now actively mark space as well as the man.
  • Players recognise faster when possession is turned over and respond accordingly.
  • New defensive covering and positioning logic.
  • Players will now actively drop in to fill  “dangerous space”.

Tackling Fundamentals

  • Standing and sliding tackles completely reworked.
  • Slide tackles are now slightly longer in distance.
  • More emphasis on the engine choosing the “right” tackle animation.
  • In air tackles allow you to tackle when the ball is bouncing (this wasn’t in FIFA 15)
  • You can now tap X to cancel out of slide tackles to recover faster.
  • New “Fake Tackle”, which you can use to try and lure an attacker.


  • Emphasis on goalkeepers being “more human”.
  • In FIFA 15, they were too good in certain situations, and poor in others. Aiming for balance in 16.
  • A host of new goalkeeper animations added.

Control The Midfield

Interception Intelligence

  • Players now actively look to intercept, block, or divert passes which are close to them.
  • Players now step in to the line of passes, anticipating the destination.
  • Interception Intelligence is Personality based (some players are better at it)

Passing With Purpose

  • Brand new R1 & X pass in FIFA 16 which adds more pace to ground passes.
  • Designed to allow passes in to tight spaces, creating new opportunities.
  • greater error is applied to the pass direction and first touch.

Moments of magic

No Touch Dribbling

  • New dribble type, allows you to feint with your body without actually touching the ball
  • Acts as a “clutch” for dribbling, providing greater freedom.
  • Controlled using a combination of LB & RT.
  • You need to see this in action, it’s very hard to explain.


Dynamic crossing

  • Crosses are now aimed at space, rather than directly on to players heads.
  • Results in more attackers on the run in the box rather than stood still.
  • Crosses are more whipped and dangerous.
  • Lots of brand new crossing animations.

Clinical finishing

  • Shooting is now more consistent (less wild curve, etc on shots)
  • Driven shot trajectory has been retuned to be flatter providing better power feedback.
  • More venom in shots hit on the run versus still/jogging.
  • Advanced foot modelling will respond to the shape of the foot as you strike the ball.
  • Volleys have been completely re-animated.


  • New player modelling tech has allowed EA to size individual body parts when creating players.
  • This results in vastly improved player models in terms of realism, proportion and uniqueness.
  • New player head and eye tracking tech, allows them to follow the flight of the ball.
  • Vanishing spray for free kicks has been added with appropriate referee animations.
  • New lighting technology throughout the game.
  • New texturing model to remove the “plastic” look from player faces.
  • Two new weather types – foggy and hazy.
  • For the first time, long hair is now fully animated. (Ibra FTW)
  • Time of day logic improved, meaning you’ll naturally see dusk, etc more often.
  • You can now run over and celebrate with the camera man, ala Gerrard.

FIFA Trainer

  • An all new teaching tool for FIFA which overlays control suggestions as you play actual matches.
  • It’s on by default for “new” players but can be turned off by pressing the RS.
  • The FIFA Trainer has different levels, the more you can do, the more advanced suggestions it will make in-game.
  • The FIFA Trainer’s starting level will be determined by your past FIFA experience.
  • Skills games have also been completely refreshed for FIFA 16.