Qualified for MatchArena PC & PS4 Monthly Final cups

Yesterday I’ve finished on 3rd in the last PC Open Cup January and I got the qualification for PC Monthly Final January with a total prizes of 120 EUR.

Also I’ve finished on 3rd in PS4 leaderboard and I’m qualified too for the PS4 Monthly Final with a total prize amount of 60 EUR.
Every sunday I usually play in Go4FIFA PC & PS4 tournaments held by ESL Gaming. Last qualification cup for PC & PS4 Monthly Final will be this Sunday 31.01.2016; I will need at least 60 points, 3rd/4th place to get the qualification.
On the other hand for PS4 cup I have only 36 points in ranking system; and I will need to win this qualification cup to be in PS4 Monthly Final.
Stay tuned for upcoming results and don’t forget to follow me on Vasi’s Twitch!
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Coverage from Saturday’s FIFA 14 Winter Championship Final at the Kettering Conference Centre against my friend Adkew