Thursday GFINITY PS4 Cup

Starting with 19:00 CET, I will play in GFINITY Weekly Ps4 FIFA 16 Cup where will compete the best players around the world. The cup is running every thursday and is without registration fee. The rules are quite simple and is it allowed to change the team from round to round.

You can see the most important rules of Ps4 FIFA 16 Cup below:

Standard settings:

Half Length: 6 Minutes
Controls: All
Game Speed: Normal
Squad Type: Online

1) In the case of a Draw play Silver Goal
2) Quarter Finals, Semi Finals and Finals match format will be best of 2 games (scores added together for final score)
3) Use of custom formations are strictly prohibited

ps4 fifa 16

Don’t forget to check my Twitch channel, the streaming will start with 18:00 CET! I will play online friendlies and ultimate matches with twitch viewers, until the cup will start.

FIFA Interactive World Cup last qualifiers for Season 3 just started few days ago and you can check how to qualify right here.  Offline qualifier will be held in London, ‘museum’ city of football and top 4 from each consoles PlayStations/Xbox One will qualify into the FIFA Interactive World Cup Grand Final in Berlin.

ps4 fifa 16

Stay tuned!

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