arena galati

Recap – Bloggers Arena Galati

arena galati

The idea of Bloggers Arena Galati party is a meeting where you can socialize; learn more stuff about media and not least to play different games.

Vlad Ionut, Pana Bogdan and Pavel Adrian recently returned from Bloggers Lan Party, held in Bucharest and came up with the idea of organizing in Galati an event of its kind.

Last saturday as you know from the last post it was Bloggers Galati Arena; first edition of this kind in Galati. I was impressed from the beginning of the event to see so much bloggers to come for this event; even if it was for the first time in our city. Everything was well organized and there were times when all consoles, PCs and board games were occupied. We managed to do a live between breaks and you can revisit it here, the live was made by Gabriel Ursan.

arena galati

I took part at the most games but without much success but in the end I managed to win the FIFA 16 event and I got a powerful external battery offered by THECON.

Also I had my own event called Vasi Challenge, where I played against all bloggers.

The prize offered by me was an Xbox controller for the first one who managed to win against me.

Restaurant Spartan also a sponsor of this event assured us the lunch and I want to say they have a great food who won’t disappoint anybody who will try their specialties. I will definitely return to them to taste all products.

In the end, Ion gave diplomas to all winners and prizes offered by main sponsor, THECON; who helped us with the location for the event. Sure won’t be the first edition of Bloggers Arena Galati; in the near future we will organize the second one, with bigger audience and with new games also. We encourage more peoples / bloggers to involve in this and hopefully for more sponsors and partners as well.

Radio Buna Ziua Galati helped us with a cool advertisement which you can listen here:

Also, Bogdan Munteanu, did a great video blog and you can watch it below. Don’t forget to visit his website to know everything related to the new technologies and other cool stuff.

Until next time, I will let you enjoy the photo gallery who was performed by Vlad Mototolea from Picture Perfect, which you can find it here.