Galati Challenge You Event

After a long holiday it’s time for a new tournament in my city called Galati Challenge You with a total prize of 100 EUR. The event was held by a known games room called “Sala de Jocuri Galati Tiglina 2”.
Let’s talk a little bit about the tournament structure; for playing in this event it was charged a minimum tax of 10 EUR, also it was the last tournament without any seed (so sick :D).
The 24 players was raffled and the first game was playing with the system best of three. The first round it was the hardest match of this event, after I was losing in first game with 3-1, I’ve managed to get the second one. In third game it was a “thriller” match, after I get a goal in the first 15 minutes of the game, I’ve managed to scored a goal in 80th minute and in 90th minute I’ve scored the second goal and I secure the victory.
2dorit-min (1)The second round was also a hard game, after 45 minutes it was 0-0. In the second half after so many chances I’ve scored the winning goal and I’ve passed into the next round. The quarter-final was the easiest game in my opinion with a 5-1 victory. “I’m in the last 4 again”
Quarter-finals result was repeated in the semi-final and I’m in the final. The grand final was playing against a good player that also played in the last tournament and got the final too.
I was starting the match like a do, in offensive, and I’ve scored the opening goal at the first chance I’ve got, the second goal was coming quickly and until the half time the score was 3-0 in my favor. In the second half he managed to score a goal and the final result was 3-1 for me. It was for the 5th time when I’ve won this tournament. In the end I wanna special thanks to Team ALTERNATE and for our sponsors: NeedforSeat, Sharkoon, CKRAS, INTEL, LG, EsportClothing, NVIDIA, Gunnar that made this tournament possible for me and of course to our fans. #TeamALTERNATE ‪#‎ATNattax‬ FTW