Go4FIFA (PC) Europe Cup and GFINITY PS4 Cup

Last Sunday, I played in Go4FIFA FIFA 16 Pc Europe Cup #20  and unfortunately I lost in quarter-finals but I managed to get 30 points who will count for Go4FIFA (PC) Europe February 2017 Finals – Top 8 players from global February ranking will qualify.

I will attach my results from previous cup:

Round one: Def win
Second round: vs Cardy89 (Italy) – WIN 1-0
Third round: vs Ado1210 (Slovenia) – WIN 1-0
Fourth round: vs OrioNBingoL (Turkey) – WIN 3-1
Quarter-Finals: vs f7iulian (Romania) – LOST 2-1

You can see below the ranking for February with only 2 qualifiers cups remaining:

fifa 16 pc

Next cup will take place on Sunday, 19.02.2017 and if I can reach the semi-final at least, I will be qualified for February Monthly Final, without playing the last qualifier cup.

Tonight, starting with 19:00 CET, I will stream GFINITY PS4 Cup (* teams rated up to 4.5 stars). My formation for this cup will be Borussia Dortmund, in my opinion is the best team with 4.5 stars which is balanced in defensive-attacking mode.

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fifa 16 pc

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