FIFA 16 Events

EURO FIFA 16 PS4 Event in Bucharest

In the next few days I will be in Bucharest to compete in a offline FIFA 16 events sponsored by Artanis Gamers Club with some good prizes offered by Redragon

. The location of the tournament is Artanis Gamers Club (Gheorghe Sincai nr.16 bl. C2, 040314 Bucharest, Romania). Registration for the event cost 30 RON and you can pay directly there. The FIFA 16 events will be played in 2 days, Saturday and Sunday starting with 12:00 o’clock. The structure of the tournament will be with Groups (4 players and top 2 advance to the next stage) + Knockout Rounds, also the groups will be made via


Half-Length: 4 min
Difficulty Level: Legendary
Game Speed : Normal
Injuries: OFF
Offsides: ON
Bookings: ON
Substitutions: 3
1Handball: Off
Defending : Tactical
Camera: Tele

For this cup already confirmed 100+ players so the prizes will be bigger than it were announced from the start.
The prize amount for 50+ players will be:


1st place – 500 RON + Gaming Mouse Redragon Legend + Trophy + Diploma
2nd place – 450 RON + Gaming Keyboard Redragon Yaksa + Trophy + Diploma
3rd place – 400 RON + Gaming Keyboard Redragon Karura + Trophy + Diploma

4th – 350 RON + Headsets Redragon Lagopasmutus-black + Medal + Diploma
5th – 300 RON + Gaming Mouse Rredragon Lavawolf-black + Medal + Diploma
6th – 250 RON + Mouse-pad Redragon Kunlun-l + Medal + Diploma
7th – 200 RON + Mouse-pad Redragon Kunlun-l + Medal + Diploma
8th – 150 RON + Mouse-pad Redragon Kunlun-l + Medal + Diploma

+ 8 Artanis T-shirts

Stay tuned for more details and also I wanna special thanks to my team, Playing Ducks and to our sponsors: SteelSeries, ZOTAC, DICOTA, EIZO, be quiet!, Nitrado and Mifcom that make this tournament possible for me and of course to our fans too. Hopefully I will do a good figure there and I will return with the title! Wish me luck and stay tuned for the upcoming results! #‎PlayingDucks #ducksflytogether #FTW