Bloggers Arena Galati

I have an exciting event in my city, Galati, in a couple of days, more exactly Saturday, April 9th, 2016. I will give you all details in the following sentences.

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Where the event will take place?

Event address is: Siderurgistilor Street, Number 9, Bl PS2, Galati

Who can take part at this event ?

All bloggers from Romania can take part at this event and also one more important thing, they can bring one avid reader who will be chosen by them.

What consoles and games will be at Bloggers Arena Galati ?

For the first edition will have two tournaments on PlayStation 4: FIFA 16 and Mortal Kombat X. On the PC version will have Unreal Tournament / Counter Strike GO and not the last for Board Games: Catan and Exploding Kittens.

What prizes and sponsors will be for this event ?

Considering that is the first event it will be few sponsors like: THECON, Restaurant Spartan and many others to be announced soon. The photos will be provided by a professional photographer, Vlad Mototolea.


Vasi Challenge ?

Any blogger successfully registered in Bloggers Arena Galati can take part in this challenge. Will be a FIFA 16 challenge and the rules are simple, first who succeed to beat me in a game one vs one will receive a prize offered by me. The players registered will be entered in a random order to exclude any suspicion. The prize will be an Xbox One… (controller 😀)

Known bloggers from Galati ?

Some great bloggers from Galati have already confirmed that they will attend and I talk here about: Pana Bogdan, Munteanu Bogdan, Vlad Ionut, Pavel Adrian, Ursan Gabriel and last but not least Adrian.

Bloggers Arena Galati is the first event of this type in Galati and we expect a large number of bloggers. More updates coming soon!