3rd Place – FIFA 16 ARTANIS PS4 Event

FIFA 16 PS4 Event held by a known Gamers Club in Romania called ARTANIS (Gheorghe Sincai nr.16 bl. C2, 040314 Bucharest).

ps4 event

The  FIFA 16 PS4 event started Saturday at 12:00 and my first group was with 3 players (Vlad Ciociu, Constantinescu E. and Constantinescu V.). First match was against Constantinescu E. and I was winning with 2-0. In the second game I played much better and after the 90th minutes the score was 5-0 in my part. The third game against Constantinescu V. hasn’t been played because I was already qualified for the next phase.

The next phase I was a bit “lucky” having a group made from 3 players (me, Alin Petre and Ianis). First game was a tough one; because I have playing against one of the favourite to winning this event, Alin Petre. The result after 90th minutes was a draw, 2-2. Next game against Ianis was decisive and I could qualify to the final phases with at least a draw, but I managed to win with 2-1.






The second day of the FIFA 16 PS4 event was compete the best 16 players qualified from the first day.

I was in a group of 4 players and 2 players advanced to the top 8 (Neamtu Ionut, Picus Andrei, Cojocaru and me). After 2 wins against Neamtu Ionut and Picus andrei also 1 draw against Cojocaru I was qualified to the final rounds.

ps4 event

The top 8 was the most intense part of this tournament; I was in a group with Pruna Claudiu, Cojocaru and Mirea. The first game against Pruna Claudiu I made a draw and my chances to qualify in the final four of FIFA 16 Artanis PS4 event was to winning the second game and at least a draw in the third game. I won with 4-1 against Mirea and made a 0-0 with Cojocaru.

In the final four I had to play against Pruna Claudiu, Buţan Tudor and Alin Petre. Unfortunately first game against Pruna I’ve losed with 4-2 but I managed to come back in the second one; where I’ve won with 3-0 against Alin Petre.
Last game against Tudor was the match for the 1st place or 3rd place, the match was starting good for me with a couple of chances 1 vs 1 against the GK but in the end we made a draw 0-0. I want to congrats Buţan Tudor for winning this event and the other players for the results.

ps4 event

Also I wanna special thanks to my team, Playing Ducks and to our sponsors: SteelSeries, ZOTAC, DICOTA, EIZO, be quiet!, Nitrado and Mifcom that make this FIFA 16 PS4 tournament possible for me and of course to our fans too. I’m happy for the third place and I’m sure that will be the 1st place to the next event! #‎PlayingDucks #ducksflytogether #FTW #FIFA16